Talks and presentations

The festival contained a myriad of talks, presentations and Q&A sessions. Alongside a structured set of talks by Leesa Gazi, we also engaged with artists, researchers and young role models.

Leesa organised the Adda series below.

ADDA#1:  The media and communications
Host Urmee Majhaar invited views on how community communications channels and the media should best reflect the ideals and aspirations of the UK-Bangladeshi community – one of the youngest and fastest growing in Britain.

ADDA #2: The next generation
To what should new generations of British Bangladeshis aspire, asked host Ansar Ahmed Ullah.

ADDA #3: The art of Bengali story-telling
Storyteller Shamim Azad led a discussion about Bangla story traditions and their influences on art and culture

with Tahmima Anam, Akram Khan & Kishon Khan (Lokkhi Terra)
Hosted by Leesa Gazi, curator of Oitij-jo’s Adda programme, rounded off the series by inviting three shining examples of Bangla-rooted creativity – author Tahmima Anam, dancer Akram Khan MBE and musician Kishon Khan who shared views on their creative process.